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These are few of my favorite comments about Wake the Dead.

From a reviewer who didn’t like Chase Sterling…at first: “I am glad that I stuck to it as it turns out to be one of the best novels I have read for this year!”

From a reviewer who gets me: “I really think this book is breaking new ground in both the science fiction & Christian fiction genres.”

From a reviewer who “couldn’t put it down”: “I didn’t think I would like it because I’m not really into “techno” stuff.”

From a reviewer who needs to get some sleep: “Victoria Buck’s Wake the Dead kept me awake.”

From a reviewer who might be scared: “The author has created a tech-hungry world set in the not-so-distant future that is frighteningly plausible.”

From a reviewer who appreciates my restrained sentiment: “Wake is not preachy, Bible quoting, or sappy.”

From my editor: “An unusual and highly thought-provoking and entertaining Christian adult dystopian novel…”

From one relative to another: “How in the h**l did she come up with all that stuff?”

From my mother: “I enjoyed it, but I hope you sell enough books to afford a good mental evaluation.”

From Chase Sterling (Hey, he got interviewed.): “Well, maybe no sensible Christian would get himself into a position where he’d end up transhumanized. Is that a word?”

From a lot of people: “How many books have you sold?”

From me: “I don’t know. Did you buy one?”

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