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Victoria Buck is a native Floridian running a small business with her husband, who teaches her everything she needs to know about both melodrama and comic relief. Wake the Dead is her debut novel. Killswitch is the follow-up to book one. Transfusion is the last book in the trilogy about the world's first transhuman. Now, on to other stories! If you like the futuristic stuff, there's a little steampunkish novelette called Gears available on Kindle. Victoria is currently working on two present-day novels. No transhumans or insurrections. Of course, there has to be a bit of a weird twist!

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Who do you follow? Three Ways to Avoid Becoming a Public Spectacle (Or how to become one if that's what you want.) bit.ly/2zS6BYI pic.twitter.com/bbgHBgMVCy

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