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  • Racism: The Church, the Media, and the New Definition of Racist October 4, 2019
    Last time at Unchained, I introduced a blog series entitled, “Another Civil War in America?” Here is part one. It may be the longest of these posts, and the subject may bleed into subsequent posts. That’s because racism, in its post-modern description, filters into every other subject I’ll address in this series.PART ONE:I grew up […]
  • Another Civil War in America? September 20, 2019
    I’ve never given serious consideration to the possibility until now. There could never be a war like it. Never another crisis as overwhelming as the one that led to the Civil War. Never again could there be such a blight on our good land. A war raged because right and wrong became less important than […]
  • Storms, Books, and Blogging September 6, 2019
    Here begins another season of blogging after another blogless summer. What did I do during my blog break? Finish my novel in progress? Nope. Go over the galley for my upcoming novel, Our Town Atheist? Haven’t gotten that yet. Write several blog posts for the upcoming months? Yes, I did! Read a few good books? […]
  • A Baptist and and Seventh-day Adventist Walk into a Hotel... May 17, 2019
    Recently, I met a man at a hotel. Well, let me rephrase that. My husband and I were at a hotel. He was in a conference room for a meeting. I was in the empty breakfast room reading a book on my Kindle. A man walked in, not noticing me at first, and fixed himself a […]
  • Book Sale and Giveaway! May 2, 2019
    My publisher is promoting several books during the Springtastic e-book giveaway and 99₵ sale. Wake the Dead, book one in my trilogy is FREE! Books two, Killswitch, and three, Transfusion, are 99₵. As this sale got underway, I was thrilled to notice Wake the Dead jumped to number one in Amazon’s ranking of free Kindle […]
  • The Command of the Gospel March 29, 2019
    A verse well-known and repeated often by Christians is Romans 6:23:For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.Considering this, we might conclude it’s all about the gift, and accepting the gift is all about choice. We can take it or leave it.While […]
  • Jesus Laughing March 15, 2019
    "Did Jesus have a sense of humor?" The question sent me searching for examples that should have come to mind easily. Like most Christians, I typically study the Bible with a solemn mindset, earnest in my quest for the knowledge of God. Of course, I often read a passage that lightens the darkness of this […]
  • The Evening News, Brought to You by AI March 1, 2019
    I vaguely remember Walter Cronkite reporting the news as the quiet evenings of my childhood slipped into a time less innocent. I don’t recall much of what he said, or how he said it. My parents paid attention, I’m sure, but all I can picture is the man. A reliable, respectable human being. He reported in […]
  • Abortion and the Conquest of Man February 15, 2019
    I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis. Not the fun stuff, but the philosophical. Not absorbing every word but rereading the brilliance until at least a sentence or two blows my simple mind. I thought at one point that I might need a C.S. Lewis for Dummies. Surprise, there is one, though I’m not sure it addresses […]
  • Are You a Practical Atheist? February 1, 2019
    Stephen Charnock, a clergyman who lived in the 1600s, said this: “Men may have atheistic hearts without atheistic heads.”In other words, a man who only believes in his mind that there is a God may not agree in his heart.An overt atheist, one fully committed to his unbelief, might indulge in moments of speculation, even […]
  • Do the Ten Commandments Still Matter? January 24, 2019
    An article1 I read last week told how prominent pastor Andy Stanley declared that churches should no longer erect monuments of the Ten Commandments because the old covenant does not apply to Christians. After reading the article, and many of the heated comments that followed, I considered my own feelings when the Ten Commandments were removed […]
  • Happily Newly Yearly January 4, 2019
    As a writer I know better than to use too many “ly” words. I'll gladly explain to fervently studious yet naively ambitious writers that eliminating those tritely placed and descriptively unneeded extras will get rid of the superfluously posed content we often unnecessarily pen when attempting to make our writing more beautifully meaningful. Of course, […]
  • The Christmas Gospel December 21, 2018
    Over the last few years I’ve written several blogs posts about the gospel. One might wonder how or why a writer would feel the need to address the subject again and again. And, well, again. It’s Christmas and I want to write about the gospel. This is my twelfth gospel post, and Christmas is the […]
  • This is the Christmas December 7, 2018
    The timeless gift of a baby.All very tiny humans are, as far as I’m concerned, adorable. The description fits some a bit more than others. Occasionally a baby comes along who is, well, not exactly the customary version of cute. But pick him up and squeeze him, and it doesn’t matter. Wrapping your arms around […]
  • The Beginning of Thankfulness November 23, 2018
    I met a fellow believer the other day. He’d been down a hard road, much different than mine. I listened as he excitedly reviewed what God had done for him. The list grew, and I began to feel the need to tell him something. But I hesitated. It’s not that I don’t trust God’s calling—I […]
  • Post-Election Expectations November 9, 2018
    The votes have been counted, and now the most obnoxious commercials on TV once again involve blue bears and their weird relationship with toilet paper. During the pre-election media blast, the politicians began to sound like cartoon characters. Blue bears. Red bears. Working to wipe away skepticism, accused of great nastiness by the opposing bears, […]
  • The Robots are Coming October 26, 2018
    I got the idea to write about a game show host who becomes a superhero after learning about transhumanism. A story about the world’s first transhuman would make a fun read, I thought. So, I forged ahead with my megalomaniac celebrity and turned him into a loveable, humbled, truth-seeking robot. Sort of. He’s entirely human, […]
  • Jesus is My Chainsaw October 12, 2018
    I once heard a gentleman tell a study group about how he chops down trees with an axe. A tiresome chore, he said, and when it becomes clear the work is too hard, he gives up. He throws down his axe and quits. He is defeated. The tree still stands. But then he gets out […]
  • Book Sale You Won't Want to Miss! September 14, 2018
    For the next few days, my publisher is offering some great books for Kindle and other e-readers at a discounted price of 99¢, plus you can enter to win prizes! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover interesting stories, follow wonderful authors, and win fantastic prizes!  Click here and check it out:Christian eBook Bonanza & GiveawayHere […]
  • Top Ten Things Christians Should Know About Transhumanism August 31, 2018
    I wrote this article a few years back and it ran on various websites for a while. Some people have asked about it recently, so I decided to post it on my blog. Yes, it's a bit long for a blog post, but soon you'll be able to download it into your brain without having […]
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